Human Loudspeaker Review Thread Was Removed

Hi all. The thread I started about a review for the Human Loudspeaker Model 81 was removed for, according to the email I got, being spam.

I have no Financial stake in Human, and had, as many other purchasers have done here, tried to report on a product based on the ownership experience. I paid for the speakers as would any customer.

The review will go on another forum. The spam accusation is laughable. 

But, it is their site. The mods here can do as they please. 


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viridian, there was a time that responding to trolls was fun. That ended somewhere around 2005. Have a nice life. 
Helomech ... that was going to be the gist of the review: are they a great value or a speaker ideal whose time has come and gone? I don't do this for anything other than love of the hobby. 

jb - I will see what can be done to get it over here once it is finished.

James - that is not only an honest question, it's a great one. I will do my best to dig into that. 
Al - I actually received an email from the mods that it had been removed. I did save the opening post on Word. Thanks for the tip - I will drop them a line.

Millercarbon - Human is not involved in the thread. The only investment I have in Human is buying the speakers. The "inHuman" is old fashioned audio humor, like "Lirpa Labs" from Audio Magazine (Lirpa is April spelled backwards - Lirpa Labs was for April Fool's day - they would post impossible products that were hilarious). 

That being said, you are quite right. The amount of "marketing" here that goes unchecked is rather voluminous. 

I am talking to a 3rd American speaker company about its product line, too - First was Ohm, then the Humans, and hopefully a third later this year.