Human 81 bookshelf speakers?

Anyone own these? Is it consider mid-fi? I'm looking for a pair of reference near full range stand-mount speakers, this fit the bill so nice.
what is your amp and what is your budget?
get model's wonderful
Grinnell: around 1500 to max 2000, I'm interested how it works...
Lindisfarne: Thanks for your recommendations. Actually I'm looking for lowest possible low freq. thus eyeing on 81, how do you compare 61 to 81? Sonically, they are different? Also the price is the cheapest for 81! I'm not sure there is other models even go lower...?
Grinnell: My amp is Class D Audio SDS-400C, more than enough power for most bookshelf speakers, better than Marantz PM6005
used Ref 3A de capos great low end hi eff at 92db
Grinnell: Thanks for your opinions. For the price, I better save more money for Dynaudio Focus 160, at least be DynDude once. I'm afraid most probably I'll have to look else where...
I wish people would stop blindly accepting manufacturer specs as truth. Ref 3A is a perfect example, they don't go near as low as claimed, and aren't nearly as sensitive as claimed.
Buy the de Capos used often around 1200.00
Wim...I don't get it. What made you decide upon Dynaudio out of nowhere? Have you heard the Dyn and Human side-by-side? I doubt it.
Lindisfarne: Thanks for your kind reminder. First thing that may keep me away from both of them (I mean Dynaudio or Reference 3A), is price, unfortunately. So it's very intuitively for me to look else where, in order for me to hear them, fist I'll need to save enough money...that's a long journey to begin with...and then why did I think Dynaudio is great? Well no reason though, based on general thinking, it should be belong to the "can't go wrong" speakers, I dunno is it because of marketing hype, high cost? Not sure, but it's more easy to re-sale those Dyn than any other speakers, in case I'm not really like it.
J_fav: The limit of bookshelf speakers, should be around 40hz, yes I did doubt that some did not. I've read that ProAc Response D2 seem to be the lowest hz listed in spec, but the cabinet bigger. So floorstander with bigger cabinets did go lower. Same applies to bookshelf stand-mount. But then I also concern on bass quality, hitting low note with too much resonance is a problem, personally I'm facing this because of bad cabinet box design, but then I should not care much, most probably bookshelf speakers can be matched with subwoofer to achieve full range purpose. Currently, frankly though I'm very happy with Wharfedale Denton sound quality, and bass, it still lack dynamic and power on extreme high volume, at that volume when playing orchestra music with so much dynamics, my ears still want more, I want to listen without distortions. Do you have any other suggestions?
Based on that hard, measured data of the speaker, a realistic spec for it should be -3db at 52hz. By 40hz they're 10db down. That measured frequency response in general looks horrible. I'd wonder about the ears of anyone who raves about them.