Hum X for CJ PV-10?

I have a ground loop hum with my CJ PV 10 that goes away with a cheater plug. I don't want to use it that way, and the hum really isn't bad enough to risk it. I'm thinking maybe the "Hum X" might be the answer (kind of pricey, though). My question is, does anyone know the output amps for this pre-amp? The Hum X can only accommodate a maximum of 6 amps.
Gain;17db/ maximum output;20v/distortion;less than .2%thd/bandpass;2hz to more than 100khz/hum and noise;line stage 98 db relative to 2.5v output/tube complement;212au7/optional phono stage;gain48.5db/overload;125mv/phono equalization;within+-.25db of riaa standard/hum and noise;phono stage75db relative to 10mv input/tube complement;2 12ax7;1 12at7 hope this helps you, good luck!
Well, that's great info - but I need to know the output amps. The Hum X can only be used with a maximum of 6 amps output. I can't find that info regarding the CJ anywhere. Thanks for trying!
why not email cj, Im sure they can help you
The Hum X can only be used with a maximum of 6 amps output.

The 6 amp rating of the Hum X is how much current can be drawn through the HUM X ... not the amount of output of the CJ to the amp

The maximum amount of current that will safely pass through the HUM X is 6 amps ... you have to find out how much current your CJ uses to operate

What you need to ask CJ is how many amps does it take to run pre ... or how many amps does the preamp draw .... if itÂ’s less than 6 amps the HUM X will work and pass enough current

Again the 6 amps HUM X is referring to is the maximum current it will safely pass not the output of the preamp to the amp
Thanks, I think I will e-mail CJ.
Did you ever find out from C-J (or just trying the Hum X) if it degrades the sound at all?

I'm in the same boat with my CT-5.

The hum is most likely coming from one of the components you have connected to the CT-5 and not the preamp itself. Something you can try is to disconnect everything connected to the preamp (not the amp, naturally). Then connect each component one at a time until you get the hum. Put the cheater plug on the offending component. If you're against using cheater plugs on source components, then you'll have to look elsewhere for a solution.

Good luck.
Do you have an odd or even number of grounds?
Joe, I know another A/V component is the culprit, but it's not easy to pinpoint, as I have audio, video, and computer gear all interconnected, and difficult access to most of the non-audio cables. The "cheater plug" on my preamp eliminates the hum, so, for the time being, it would be easiest to just "upgrade" to the Hum X, as long as it doesn't "choke" the power output to my preamp. I've ordered a Hum X, and will see if it degrades system performance in any way.
If you have the original power cord on the CJ, you need to start there as it has no ground wire. When I replaced mine, 20 years of copper corrosion was pretty nasty and it was basically lamp cord quality. Not hard for a DIY IEC plug update if you have the right power tools and protect the transformer. Or an electronics repair shop should be able to do.
Is there a ground screw on the back of the chasis?
Theres a ground screw for the phono but without earth terminal to ground, its a "floating" ground. There are PCB board grounds to chassis at the mounting screws, easy enough to rum a ground wire to one of those from a new IEC plug install.