Hum with Ypsilon MC26L SUT that goes away with touching

I need help solving the hum problem.

Ikeda Kai cartridge -> Ypsilon MC26L SUT -> Ypsilon VPS 100 -> Cary SLP 05 -> Cary CAD 211FE monoblocks -> KEF Blade.
ICs between MC26L and VPS100 Stage 3 concepts RCA
ICs between VPS100 and  Cary SLP 05 Stage 3 concepts XLR
Cary SLP 05 and Cary monoblocks Shunyata RCA
Cary monoblocks to KEF Blade Shunyata speaker cables.

Connected ground from tonearm phonocable to SUT grounding post ->I hear 60 hz hum
Connected ground from tonearm phonocable to SUT grounding post + connected  SUT grounding post to VPS 100 ground ->I hear 60 hz hum (slightly decreased)
Connected ground from tonearm phonocable directly to VPS 100 ground (I read in the forums to try this) ->  I hear 60 hz hum
If I touch the body of SUT (metal) with one hand and touch the metal frame of the rack that sits directly on the floor, the hum disappears in all the above situations.

I used two shorting RCA plugs into input loading of SUT with tonearm cable connected to input-> No Hum 
I used two shorting RCA plugs into input of SUT without tonearm cable-> No Hum
I used two shorting RCA plugs into output loading of SUT -> No Hum

Any help in solving this hum problem is greatly appreciated.

@bukanona the tonearm cable is a silver IC with WBT Nextgen Silver RCA from Reed 3p.
the stage 3 connect cable is connecting SUT to Phonostage VPS100.
You have stock cable from Reed tonearm? Try to use it and check the hum level if it's quite low now just crank the volume up and look for a changes. If  your silver IC  is supplied by Reed it should be OK. 

I hope you already solved your problem. I have a similar setup, vps100 many ypslion sut's. Short version stage 3 ic's are the reason of the hum. If you insist on using stage 3, which are great cables, (my all ic's are satge3 except the one sut>phone pre), you should use their phono spesific cables. Try different ic's for sut to phone stage. You will see the difference. I ended up with ansuz ic's, zero hum. I tried transparent cables at that that time and hum were still there. I believe nordost cables would be a good choice too.