hum with VPI Jr

I have returned to analogue recently and bought a VPI Jr with a AQ 7 arm and Benz Glider M2(purchased used here on Audiogon about 6 months ago). I am getting a low pitched hum when I place the cartridge on the record. This hum is not present with the table on unless the the cartridge is actually in contact with the record. The ground wire is connected although I have not checked it for continuity. The table is plugged into to a speed controller. Any advice on eliminating the hum ?
Check to make sure that all interconnects are plugged in all of the way. Also, check the cartridge leads.
It's pretty easy to pick up hum in phono cable. If your phono cable has the ability to ground it to a different spot (other than the phono stage), try doing that.
Sometimes just moving the path of the phono cable (redressing) will help. Does the character or loundness of the hum change as the cartridge is moved to the center spindle? Is the table in close proximity to other components, TV, etc.?
The early VPI speed controllers were not well shielded and commonly would cause hum if placed too close to phono preamps or the table itself. The SDS is OK. If you have a speed controller that is a pre-SDS VPI product, try to move it far away from the table and, importantly, far away from the phono preamp. Good Luck.
Hi all,
I moved the liner conditioner(speed controller)away from the other components and that eliminated the hum. I did check the connections before I did this and could not move the cables very easily so moving the speed controller seemed the simplest solution. Thanks to all for sharing you wisdom. Don't know what I would do without this site. Len