Hum sound it me or is it you? LOUD hum in system

I sold a classe SSP-30 preamp 2nd week of April. worked fine. I played with it . zero noise at all.
sold it to get a simpler dedicated 2 channel preamp.

nearly two weeks after it was delivered I get an email saying that when the classe 30 is installed there is loud hum...but when its not there is no issue. 

that is all I am told..and "I want to send it back"

im kind of agitated that buyer took his sweet time to get around to checking it out or whatever.  Not sure what to do or what I can do. I told him to send it back so I can see it.

my question is, I read lots of info on grounding loops and funny noises .   because buyer claims he has noise does it leave me any other choice but to take it back?

I used the pre before I sold it for this exact type of reason.  i just didnt take video.   im not to pleased with the extra long delay neither. seems like if you spend that much money on something you check it out right away. it doesnt take a lot to hook up a preamp.

i find it hard to believe a preamp of this caliber would even have ground issues.

I dont know what to do. I feel like I am at this guys mercy no matter what?
It looks like you have no choice but to have the buyer return the preamp for a refund. When you get it back check it out then relist it!
Even if there is a noise, it may not have anything to do with the preamp. At the very least I would have gotten a very detailed list of his system. My best guess would be that nothing's broken, and its a setup issue. Although, one potential problem could be the RCA connectors on the SSP30. They break very easily. If that happens to be the problem, Classe will almost certainly repair the unit under warranty, even if its expired.
Ask him to use a cheater plug on the preamp and plug directly into the wall. Tell him this will test for a ground-loop in his setup. If there’s no more hum, the preamp is probably fine.
refridgerators and/or tv's are often the culprits.  They really send noise into the electric lines/ether.
its already on its way back.  imo buyer should have checked it out much sooner.  I sent him some info because I thought it could be something in his system or I thought the unit was maybe picking up some noise that wasnt in the unit itself.  but he didnt read it just sent it back.

so yes now I am waiting for it to arrive so I can check it out.
Ugh. That's rubbish. I feel like you're going beyond what you should. Used stuff is sold as is.. and the long delay before telling you about the problem is suspect.

Good luck.
In my world, two weeks is not a long time to install a new component. Two months? Yes. Next time, specify that buyer should accept/reject within a week, or whatever. BTW, I have my own hum problems that the sellers swears didn't exist when he shipped. 
buyer is now taking his sweet time getting the package to Fed Ex while I am  over here chomping at the bit to get it back and hook it up again.,

very rude to email one day and demand a refund....ignore the possible cause of  the hum in the info I gave and then delay shipping. 

taking longer for  this guy to get it back then it took for me to send it. 

I imagine he will be very impatient about his refund...'

now I have paypal  telling me they are holding  my money....

2 weeks is a long time especially when you turn around and say its broken. on the paypal statement it says "damage and more"

I dont know what that means . I  am hoping this guy is just one of those that changed his mind and thinks I should just do all the work for him. 

I have no idea what "damage " Means...

being that it was weeks ago it makes it more difficult  if it was indeed broken in shipping.   

really very few people are too busy to hook up a receiver to test. 

One thing for sure. I will video it playing from now on. whatever it is.
What was his feedback like? I hope he's not trying to work the system, it seems like he knows that he's in control.
If it turns out that there is a problem with the ssp30, call Classe. I know the warranty has expired, but they may overlook it and fix it anyway. You don't have to go through the nightmare of shipping it to Canada either. You send it to an address in upstate NY, and someone drives it into Canada.
if I ever get it I am expecting it to be worse  than when I shipped it.
Part of the paypal says in the title "damaged and more"  ...I dont know if it is or not or if Fed EX did something or not. I am completely in the dark and this guy is either #1. the only Asian that speaks no English in Houston or #2 . he is using the system against me.

He once again messaged me today to let me know its coming. just like the last 2 days. but yet the tracking still shows nothing in the system.  3 days in thats pretty odd for a 5hr trip to me from where its at.

I left him feedback but only stated the facts not my personal opinion,  he didnt like it so he called me mental and psycho because I sent to many emails and was rude.

I get rude when I am told multiple times when an item is shipped when it hasnt. I get rude when I am accused of selling broken merch. I get rude when  I try to provide info on ground hum and its ignored but then I am lied to again.
I just checked his feedback.  I didnt before .  BUT  He has done the exact same thing to another guy on here .  same is the feedback left by other seller :


"3 weeks, without any contact whatsoever, Ehanee claimed DAC I sold him not working. Started a Paypal dispute, they refunded money. Sent DAC back, works perfectly, but missing parts. Not a good experience. Beware"..

on March 27, 2013 9:12am

so there is now proof he uses the system to audition stuff I guess. He didnt communicate with other guy either but immediately filed paypal suite.  I am contacting paypal today with this info.

I will be greatful if my unit arrives like it was when I shipped which was working.

lesson learned here.  I will not sell anything without multiple backup pics and videos.

You have one sale and negative feedback. I doubt you will sell anything on this site again. That buyer really did you in! BTW, he has all positive feedback except for yours. Something seems very fishy here!!
its not me...he is on record doing the same thing before

"3 weeks, without any contact whatsoever, Ehanee claimed DAC I sold him not working. Started a Paypal dispute, they refunded money. Sent DAC back, works perfectly, but missing parts. Not a good experience. Beware"..
on March 27, 2013 9:12am

Gentlejax, with regard to your transaction with Ehanee, below is my email rebuttal to Audiogon back in 2011 after he left negative feedback (which was later retracted.)  Sorry you crossed paths with this fellow.

I believe that the unit was rated accurately, the scratches that the buyer is describing were not there when the unit shipped. I emailed pictures of the unit prior to shipping which he requested.


The buyer did contact me regarding this issue however my Audiogon email is linked to my work email address which I do not check from home or receive alerts. I was not given a chance to respond before the buyer left negative feedback.


I have never ignored his emails. He emailed me yesterday morning he did not mention any issues with the unit at that time and requested information regarding the post which I provided.


When I arrived at work this morning at 8:30 I noticed several emails one from Ehanee regarding the rating and one from Audiogon regarding feedback. As I mentioned before the buyer did not give me a chance to respond to his email before leaving negative feed back.


I shipped the PFR to his cousin’s address per his request. The PFR was delivered 2/2/11 left at front door.


 I'm passionate about my gear. I sold the unit for $850.00 which I believe is a very good price for a unit that is described by the buyer now turned seller as “Very good cosmetic condition” he is now reselling it and asking $1250.00


I’m struggling with this negative feedback, confused about the spirit of the process. I will seriously think twice about shipping items in the future.

Enter your text ...
Funkynixon can you contact me ? I tried and didnt see a way to do so.

The unit I sent him is finally delivering today...he lied to me for the first 2 days with the "its on its way" bs....

so I will get it and hopefully he is just one that uses equipment and if not what he likes he claims defect and screws over the seller.

I am going to do my best to make life and this kind of stuff harder for him. 

id like to hear from you so I can add some credibility to my battle with paypal.  I want this on file for this guy.
Got the unit late last night.  Took a while to figure out what was going on because the buyer who said he only hooked it up one night 5 days ago , had actually programmed an Oppo and I think a zenith in the menus.  

So he lied unless he went to all the trouble of changing the labels just during testing. .  I don't think so.  

What I feel happened was he or possibly the guy he was selling too hooked it up and used it during the near 2 weeks.  Somewhere in that time he decided they didn't want it so buyer yells defective.  

It plays and with zero hum.  Before I figured out what I was doing I turned it up near 3/4 and it was dead silent.   

So sellers beware. He will run a con on you  if it's not working out for him.  

Now now what are the chances paypal will side with me ? Probably none.  But at least I have shown the guys true motives . Maybe audiogon will change my feedback 
got up this morning took the day off and played some more with it.  no hum but I do have damage to it on the top front face that was not there when I shipped it out.    it wasnt shipping damage as it was wrapped up tight and secure both ways.

in this whole ordeal the only thing that guy did right was pack it back up.

im still very angry  over this nonsense
Sold a hi end headphone amp and guy says "buzz like a refrigerator".
Figured ground loop, but can't know if maybe shipping damage so took it back. Quiet as could be. Resold it and new buyer says dead quiet. So I got stuck. Cost me $200 in PayPal and shipping. :/
Spoke with the manufacturer in the middle of the process and he says gets a call every 2 weeks from someone complaining of noise and takes the return to find the product is virtually always fine.
From a buyers point of view, i purchased a pair of Aragon Palladiums,
From the high End broker in Holland via paypal 2300euro
They arrived faulty and had been sent from Germany not Holland, one of the amps had low output with distortion,
After providing an engineers report and witness statements to paypal proving my case beyond any reasonable doubt , i had my paypal account closed,
When i offered video evidence which i sent to the seller, paypal insisted they do not except video evidence, so in my experience as a buyer via paypal taking a video of the amplifier was not excepted so i doubt that would help a seller either,
Anyway 6 months later im stuck with the amps they get repaired then go faulty again,
A dealer took them off my hands for 1000gbp so i ended up over a 1000gbp out of pocket, lots of stress and involving third partys for written statements to paypal,
When i answered every question and proved my case beyond any reasonable doubt , they closed my account, leaving a balance of around 1500gbp,
Which i had to wait a month or 2 for but was told they could hold it up to i think 6 months or a year,
I would never buy from High End broker again he is just a platform and takes the sellers word things work,
And i would never buy or sell anything using paypal again they are a scam without question.
I completely understand your frustrations and believe that unless you expressly stated that your item could be returned then you are not obligated to do so. My understanding is that used equipment is as is with no return.
Most importantly you have no control over how the buyer connects all of his associated equipment.
The preamplifier should never have it's grounded AC plug floated with a cheater plug! Everything else is fair game for this scenario and is actually the best methodology to eliminate hum.
Multiple AC outlets can be a primary cause of ground loops and consequential hum. And you sir are not responsible for the buyers poor or incomplete understanding of the proper procedure to eliminate hum.
I would advise you to communicate this to the buyer and that the solution to correct the hum issue is not inherently the fault of the Classe preamplifier he aquired from you.

What a horror story!!

 I guess that's the down side of e-commerce and long distance transactions to persons unknown these days. The saying used to be "buyer beware", but now it's also "seller beware"

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate ordeal gentlegax

Ive played the unit all weekend with no "loud Hum" or anything else.  sounds fine..its just got some dings that were not there when I shipped it.

I took after pics, already had before pics and send them to Paypal.  I also provided them with the contact info of the other poster here that also dealt with this guy.

Im angry that a person would buy items then use them or try to sell them and when they dont get desired outcome go to paypal and demand refund.  and get away with it. 

its basically free trial for the stuff.  and whats worse is this is a high end type of site . you would think people had more class.

im still waiting on the outcome. I havnt seen anything from the buyer in the claim, I provided pics and I would still be providing info but apparently you must do it all at once or some ignorant stuff. .

guy has a lot of purchases. I hope to stop some of that.  he is going to do this again since its just way too easy .
Post removed 
"I  would not buy from you as you have 0 feedback since 2010.Good luck though!! ""

lol I have been around a long time but didnt buy or sell anything here.  I sold a Proceed PRE and far as I know its fine..but buyer never left feedback.

This was my 2nd transaction...but I have 707+ on ebay.....sold more amps than Kicker on DIYMA ....I have refs...
Paypal sent me a email this am to confirm that the buyer wins.

the reason was listed as "because"

how unprofessional sounding pathetic explanation.  I'm not at all surprised because everyone knows they side with the buyer rmost of the time.  On eBay you can't even leave feedback for the buyer. It's a unfair system. 

I am surprised at the childlike response for the reason.  It just said "because" in small letters half the size of the rest of the entire email. 
dont worry I dont need to sell anything here.   what make me mad though is I have had time to listen to it now and adjust it and its much nicer than the adcom I had and about as nice almost as the Proceed I wish I had kept that I also sold on here but got no feedback on.

except now I have dings on top where there were none thanks to bad buyer
This was my 2nd transaction...but I have 707+ on ebay
gentlejax, seems like you did everything right, and nice work on the negative feedback you left for ehanee. Now that's 3 neg. for him. Looks like he buys items every week, maybe to flip them on Ebay.
man this guy is something else.  I got a notice from Audiogon he is disputing his feedback.

YES, after he forced a refund and sent me back a unit physically damaged he is now lying and tying to get his negative feedback taken off.

He is completly shameless. 

the unit is now in my system and running fine.

talk about adding injury to insult.
Can we all send him small packages of dog turds? I have two dogs and a seemingly endless supply..
that is a tempting thought to send some treats in the mail...

but what does that mean? no one is standing behind the speaker?

all I know is I sold and item complete with pics before and during packing.   forced to refund the buyer and then received a dinged up preamp that is working just like it was supposed to be.

if you are refering to me as the "speaker" well ...I didnt exactly title this thread to draw that many people in.  at the time I didnt think I was going to be forced to refund the crook.  
my feedback from the scammer was reversed BUT so was HIS.

so anyone that sells an item to the guy you have been warned . He will use the system to force a refund. he will claim he was too busy to test it right away but he will not be too busy to move right along with paypal and force the refund.  

I am the 2nd victim but I know there are more.    Not sure why Audiogon removed his negative feedback when I have all the proof in the world to make the case he was a scammer.  In a real court I would have won.

you guys are warned.