Hum Pre-Amp/DVD Player/Scaler

I have a hum problem that is driving me absolutely crazy. I think I have a ghost in the machine, really.
I have a Sunfire Cinema Grand amp connected to a Rogue pre-amp, connected to a Denon DVD player connected to a ROCK+ scaler. The hum appears only when the component cables (BetterCables) are connected to the scaler. I know it is not the ROCK because I get an even lounder hum with my iSCAN Plus. When I disconnect the cable, vola, the hum goes away. I have tried RF chokes, tin foil, sourcing all components from the same outlet, different audio and component cables, voodoo, and prayer. Nothing works. Maybe I need to call-in an exorcist!

Right now, I have to disconnect the audio cables from the DVD player to the preamp. Ultimately, I may have to send them to my Lexicon pre-amp and forego tube heaven. (BTW, the Rogue has a pass-through feature that allows me to send the Lexicon signal through it to the Sunfire amp.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Do you have a CATV or satellite connected to the system? If so, they are usually grounded to the house ground and will cause a hum when connected to the system. Hook everything up and then disconnect this lead. If the hum goes away... voila! I use a MAGIC ground isolation transformer for my CATV and have absolutely no hum. If this is not the problem, then try an inexpensive set of Monster Cable component cables. IMO Monster does video better than anyone.
I had the exact same problem, and I too thought the only way to get rid of the hum was to disconnect the audio between my DVD (Sony) and preamp (Rogue). I tried another preamp and had the same difficulty, and another DVD as well. Finally I narrowed the problem down to the power cord of my amplifier. By moving it around the hum would get louder, softer, and in a certain position against the wall it went away entirely, so I taped it there. No more hum. I hope this helps.
If you are using digital cable make sure it is shielded - otherwise you will get the humming.