Hum on phono head amp through speakers.

Anybody have this problem?

My phono stage is dead quiet through the speakers but when I add the head amp(same make) I get a hum and even sometimes a light flutter. It's not noticeable when I play a record unless a passage is very quiet. I can at least feel it because I've been listening a while now. Especially when the record stops because I've got to change outputs before I put another record on it is so distracting.

The thing is in terms of the music itself it is really great. It adds so much more impact and dynamics.

It is less than a year old and shortly after I got it went dead and I had to send halfway around the world to get it repaired. Now the manufacturer said he put in all nuvistor tubes and it worked perfectly for him though I'm not sure if he played it through speakers. He's pretty tired of me at this point. Though  when it initially went dead after such a short period I think he should have replaced it.

It really is a great brand and the designer is an enormously talented man. Anybody have any suggestions on how I may fix this? Any grounding solutions? I may be doing something wrong. He won't give me a new one at this point and I don't want it serviced a second time within a year. I'm hoping it's my fault or I'll just have to live with the hum.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Might be a grounding issue.  Have you grounded the head amp with your phono stage?  Also, are the two units plugged into the same outlet?
Why don’t you list the other gear in the chain? Cartridge,table,preamp,etc. I think that would really help!