Hum noise.

I just got an brand new Aragon amp, it hums. When I disconnect cable for cable TV, the hum go away. What is the problem, is there any fix for it, can be be done DIY ?. Thanks in advance for your help.
This has come up before here, and there were a lot of different complicated suggestions.
I had the same problem and it was solved by one cable TV installer who was familiar with the problem.
He had me buy a Radio Shack adapter (NOT filter -- it doesn't work for this) used to connect when you only have the two-wire 300 ohm input on the TV and need to attach the 75 ohm cable plug. It is about 4 or 5 inches long. One end has the two antenna connector wires, and the other end has a male cable plug. You also need the small plastic adapter the other way -- the one that has two screw connectors for the two wires and a female cable plug. Attach that to the Radio Shack adapter, then put it between your cable wire and your TV or cable box, and you're in business.
Sorry for the lack of technical knowledge in describing this -- all I know is that it works. I have no idea why, but I don't have hum. When I take it off -- hum.
If you can't find the adapter at Radio Shack based upon my inartful description, e-mail me and I'll drop by one near me and see if I can find it and get a part number for you.
I have a acurus amp that does the same thing, I am looking into sometype of ground breaker cable or adapter like the mondial magic. I am using a cheater plug till then. I tried to find some of the cheaper adapters from Radio Shack woth no luck. I could not find anyone with a part#. I would also like to know.
You probably need to get an in-line ground lifter for your cable. A company called Viewsonics makes one for around $30.
Thanks you all, I found the problem, one spade speaker terminal did not made good contact. After tighten it up them hum noise goes away, now I can enjoy both Aragon amp and cable TV
I own a Bryston 4B-ST and had the same problem. How did I fix it you ask? Take a wall plug adapter and place it on the end of the three prong plug at the one end of your amp power cord. You can find these adapters at any hardware store (Home Depot, etc.). Your amp power cord has three prongs, the third prong being the ground prong. This hum you speak of may be a gound loop in your system. Before going out and spending big money on new cable, try spending 30 cents on an adapter. It should work.

Good luck and happy listening.
I beleive what ncarve was trying to elplane is that if you use a 75 ohm to 300ohm adapter and back again (75>300>75) it will break your ground loop and eliminate the hum.