Hum level with Absolare amps

I hope to get some information of noise or hums levels with this amp with 97 db horns? I wonder if anyone has experience listened to them? I am using Cessaro Alpha 2. Thanks.

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not in agreement with Czarivey. I run a pair of 98dB/w/m, 16ohm nominal impedance horns with 2 x 15" woofer per channel. I've experimented with a number of SETs amps. best overall match went to a pair of 60wpc OTL amps - even though these cost significantly less any of my SET amps.

SS & horns are a diff matter altogether.
hi Luna, I have owned & have run Lamm ML2.1 with my speakers (Classic Audio T-1.4) which have field coil modified TAD drivers.

I've tried 2 other SET amps on my speakers (Kondo Ongaku, Shindo Lafon GM-70). each pairing has its own merit, but it did however take me a bit more power for the bottom end to come alive.

the ML2.1 generally gave a slightly analytical & recessed presentation which I'd personally characterize as "good hifi sound" (as opposed to a lively recreation of the musical event). its low freq was however more extended than the other SET amps.

regarding "more power" - really depends how large your room is, how far you sit from speakers, your choice of music & how loud you listen. your priorities & preferences will also play a huge role.

going back to your orig. post - you shouldn't be getting hum thru speakers (regardless of amp selection) unless you have EMI/RFI or grounding issues. white noise shouldn't be an issue either.

given a choice, I'd rather go with noisy but good sounding components over quiet but bad sounding components.