HUM instereo

I have a decent high end system running McIntosh and Parasound gear. All works great. I also have a Mitsubishi TV wide screen using a Dish 500 satalite system.

The problem is that the Dish cable when connected to the TV causes hum in the stereo. I have used coax, RCA Svideo etc. Any connection to the TV while the DVD from my stereo system is connected to the TV via any connections, composite, svideo etc. will cause hum!

If I disconnect the Dish cables the hum is gone, or if I isolate the DVD from the TV while the dish is still connected removes the hum.

I have tried 2 TV's, 2 DVD's, ran external known good coax, and even a 2nd dish 500 receiver and the noise is still there.

So is there a filter, a patch or something I can do the resolve the hum?

The Dish people are no help at all!

Thanks everyone...
Get a MAGIC ground isolation transformer for your incoming dish cable. I have used mine for over a decade now. No hum.
I had the same problem and solved using MAGIC ground. But when I switched to a HD signal the bandwidth doesn't seem high enough, so I stoped usning it. I asked my dealer and he wan't aware of a MAGIC solution. I went back to not using the ground on my amp. cord.
where can I find information about MAGIC?
I have a hard time searching on google for it!
MAGIC is made by Mondial Designs. I believe you can get them from Music Direct, or Audio Advisor, to name two.
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