Hum from VPI Scout Stock Motor

I am getting a hum from the VPI Scout stock motor. It doesn't come through the speakers at all, but when I hit the on switch on the motor, I can instantly hear a hum coming from the motor. Is this common and is there an easy fix? If I have to buy a new motor, then I may buy a newer turntable but I would rather not.
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Try lubricating motor bearings. VPI has it's own oil, but trivial pistol oil should be OK. If accessible, open and clean bearings and anchor first. You may want to use compressed air if you have such.
Is this Scout new? Or has the noise just started on an older table?
The Scout is 10-12 years old.
You can upgrade to the 600 RPM motor for $150. It is a good upgrade for not much money and will improve the sound. You can get one from Music Direct. Just make sure you have the right one for your turntable size. I use one on the old acrylic platter and think it it was a very good upgrade for not much money. Requires modest ability to put the new motor in the old housing.
Could you describe the improvements you gained with the upgraded motor? Thanks
The upgrade is the 300rpm motor. The slower speed makes it much quieter or so they say.
Thanks Stereo5. My mistake. The upgrade is to the 300 rpm motor.

I find the upgrade motor quieter and the speed steadier. The pulley is also larger, which, at least for me, made the belt stayed in place better. If I were going to replace anything, I would stat with the 300 rpm motor.