hum from speaker

After power outage in my home yesterday I tried to play dvd movie and I heard loud hum coming from my speakers .Then I played cd and the same hum came from speakers.I did not have that problem before ,only after that power outage.Please help.Thank you.My systems are dunlavy sc 4 main speakers,krell HTS 1 processor ,aragon 8008x3 3 channel power amp,carver TFM 35 2 channel power amp for surround speakers plug in to monster hts3500 surge protector.
I would unplug all the equiptment from the Monster 3500 and temporary use a power strip to see if the hum disappears..If so then the Monster did its job but got fried.If its not the Monster then for some reason you have developed a Ground Loop Hum from one of the pieces of equiptment.Put a 2 prong cheater adaptor on each piece of equiptment (one at a time)to see which one may be causing the hum.If the hum disappears that unit developed a grounding problem.
nothing you can do except disconnecting a ground using cheater plug.

I am facing the same problem, tried cheater plug, but its still there ans someone suggest to buy

Xantech 634-00 Ground Breaker Got a ground loop hum

I don't know the result yet, will post it when I will get one.


I had the same problem when I hooked up my amp to my SS reciever and the hum was very noticable, tried changing interconnects, power cords, speaker cable, nothing worked. Well I got the cheater plug at Home Depot for 50 cents and boom the hum is non-existent. Thanks for tip, I will pass it along.


You can also use a PC with a SWITCHED ground, disturbing the power connection less than the introduction of a cheap "cheater", and safer than removing the ground pin on the AC male, as is now suggested by a manufacturer! (DISCLAIMER: I assemble DIY PC Kits offering said switched ground.)

The cheater plug didn't work for me, but
Xantech 634-00 Ground Breaker did the trick the speakers are now dead quite (when not playing : )