Hum from one set of IC, but not another

Hi all,

Question: I recently put in a new pair of Clear Day Holograph IC's from the Pro-ject 5.1 SE tt to the LSA Integrated. Before I was running an ancient pair of Monster Cable IC's.

There's a definite ground hum coming from the speakers with the Clear Days, but not with the Monsters.

Any ideas why?
Check all of your clips in place just in case.
Other than that, at least one of your wires has ground fault.
Try to use 1 healthy Monster wire with 'unhealthy' Clear Day to ID which one is at fault.
Many hi-end wires are not done professionally and if you glance internally, chances you can find sloppy job are big.
I seem to remember that the Clearday's have minimal shielding, which is not a good choice for phono signal use. Was that cable intentionally designated as a phono signal cable? Or, the common line level type?
I believe Paul made it as a common line level. I'm going to follow Czarivey's advice with troubleshooting and see what happens. The same Clear Day IC's running from the cd player make no noise at all.
CD player does not need shielded IC's and gain levels and so input sensitivity are different line from phono.
My Oppo 105 set shielded and unshielded ICs to buzzing when placed in a superior position (i.e., on top of).
When Oppo moved to the side, all was well.