Hum from Jolida SJ-202a normal?

Hi. I recently purchased a Jolida SJ-202a used here from another A-goner and it sounds great. But, it has a pretty audible hum coming from the chassis, not through the speakers. Is this normal? It is pretty loud-the tubes are fresh, less than 200 hours. Any ideas about this?

Try a Humbuster from PS Audio. I had the same problem with a Creek 4240SE. The hum was sometimes so loud it kept me awake at night! The Humbuster completely cured it.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Funny that you should say this - I bought a used 502A also from an Audiogon member BUT I have hum from the speakers (& not the chassis)! I wonder if this is normal??!!

Brad Day,
He's got hum from the chassis & not the speakers!

Might suggest tightening all the screws related to the 3 xformers. Transformers DO hum when electric current & hence a magnetic field is created within them. This is normal. However, if the xformer is correctly designed, the hum is of negligble volume.
Hum from the transformer? That was the problem in my Creek 4240SE. The Humbuster is made to clear this up. It will not correct hum from speakers.