I have a VIVA audio Solista amp, and I started to hear a very low hum thru the speakers, I check everything and definitely is the amp, You really need to place your ear against the speaker, but is there.

Any recommendations?

Thank you,


You may have another component on the same circuit or plugged into the same wall plug. (In my house, wall plugs on the same wall share a circuit). I recently introduced two subwoofers and two monoblocks into my system, and was getting a very faint hum as well. I went through the process of unplugging each component and putting my ear up to the midrange of my speakers to see if the hum was removed. Turned out that the culprit was the left subwoofer (and it’s class D amp introducing noise back into the line - that shared a wall plug with my preamp). I went to WalMart (high end audio store :D), and got a $2 pack of three ’cheater’ plugs that remove the ground, to use on my subwoofer. Hum disappeared. Note - probably NOT AUDIOPHILE APPROVED solution! You can do the same thing by floating the ground on your power cord (by snipping the ground pole on the plug if its a cheap cord, or by disassembling the plug and disconnecting the ground wire from the plug.) NOTE - I had no [audiophile ethical violation :)] problem putting a cheater plug on a subwoofer power cord; but others here with more electricity and component knowledge should chime in. These ’solutions’ may put your Viva Solista at some risk.

If your amp has ground plug it means it was designed to have it. DO NOT use cheater plug or cut ground wire - it is dangerous.

It might be ground loop or something injecting noise, but it can also be filtering caps in power supply getting old (dry) or something wrong with tubes.  Your amp has tube rectifiers - perhaps you should have them checked? 
Try plugging all equipment into the same outlet. Different outlets can introduce ground loops where a small voltage difference exists between the different grounds causing current to flow between grounds- a ground loop.