Huh? What's going on here

To keep it short, I made some changes to my DVD viewing and listening set-up. I am still using a great stereo headphone rig, including an outboard stereo DAC. Imagine my surprise when my new DAC was showing a 48 kHz output, instead of the 96 kHz frequency that I though was the DVD standard!!

I have since been told that the digital stereo audio output on almost all DVD's is the old 16 bit 48 kHz standard of CD's and Laser Discs!!!

Huh?!! What's going on here!!!
CD is 44.1k, DVD is 48k and is compressed. DVD can be 96k if used for stereo audio only. Laserdisc is analog and can sound awesome even though they output 44.1. DVD Audio is 96k or 192k or 48k depending on the mastering.
Yeah, it has always been 48 for movies.
Many DVD video players will downconvert the 24/96 signal to 16/48 when outputting from the digital output.

The same player will generally process and then output the full 24/96 uncompressed PCM via the analog output. Try listening to the uncompressed stereo PCM soundtrack of the Eagle's Hell Freezes Over concert DVD via the analog outs of your DVD player - it sounds awesome. -jz
The DVD-A (DVD Audio Standard) is 96Khz 24-Bit. Standard DVD, as mentioned above, is 48Khz 16 Bit

Laserdisc is analog and can sound awesome even though they output 44.1

This is not true. While the first LDs had analog sound, the "modern ones", since about 1987 or so, all have PCM 44.1KHz/16 Bit sound. The "digital out" Rwwear speaks of won't convert the analog signals. If using the digital out from an LD player when playing an analog-only (early) LD, you will get nothing out ... at least on all the players I used until 1995.

Sheesh, sorry to revive an old thread. :)