HUH? Is this unusual?

I walked into a Salvation Army thriftstore in a small Wisconsin town today,never been there before.
Saw a bin with maybe 50 LP's,browsing through the usual
scratched Dean Martin and Mormom Choir drek when I noticed a large box set near the back.
Turned out to be a 10 record, unopened,unplayed Jap RCA pressing of Rubenstein playin the Chopin Sonatas,Mazurkas etc.
Cost,$2.99 + tax .
No, it's not usual at all. I left that set there by mistake when I was in Wisconsin on business. If I send you my shipping address can you send those to me?
It's very common. I see that junk all of the time in the thrift stores while I'm looking for Don Ho and Evie records.
I commonly run into it when I am at Goodwill looking to add to my Kenny Rodgers and Barbara Streisand collections...except there, they are 50 cents, no matter how many records in the set, and unopened or not.
I was in a Goodwill store recently and found a sealed copy of "Michael Bolton and Kenny G: Live At The Idaho State Fair".

A woman next to me saw the album and pepper sprayed me trying to snatch it away but I managed to divert her attention by pointing to "The Best Of William Shatner" and then running to the register.
Audiofeil - How you could choose Bolton & Kenny G when there was a Shatner within your reach suggests your musical taste is "highly questionable".
I have the Shatner album.
Audiofeil - I stand corrected!

My son is finding charity stores to be a great source of vinyl on his budget for his new turntable. The stuff is so cheap that he buys things he would not normally listen to just to try out and is he expanding his appreciation of music. I think it is well worth visiting these stores,
Bill is a diehard trekkie, where you been?
Bill is a vulcan!