Hugh Masekela – Hope / Should I get the CD or SACD

I just heard this at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach. Problem was I heard it on open real and it was staggering. A friend bought the RedBook CD since and I borrowed it. Can’t believe how good it sounds. I’m wondering if any of you have heard both the RedBook and the SACD and the big question is if the SACD is better, is it worth the 100%+ cost differential? I don’t mind paying the difference if it is a significant step up. Just don’t want to pay the price for a minor overall increase in resolution.
I have heard both and owned both, the hybrid SACD is better and worth the extra $$. The resolution on the hybrid SACD will be a step or two better than the redbook version.
The SACD is much more "organic" and less electronic sounding.
Ditto on the SACD
Thanks for the help. Ordered on Amazon. Can't wait to compare it to the Redbook.

This is truly an amazing recording. What other SACD's sound this good? Looking for Rock/Jazz/etc that sound like this. I only ask because I've read too many comments by folks that say the SACD is not better than the Redbook CD on many SACD's. Maybe I should start a new thread but any responses would be great.
What player are you using?
I've also heard that the 45rpm lp available from Acoustic Sounds is fantastic.
I am using an Oppo 105, to McIntosh MA 6500 to Martin Logan Vantages.
Then the SACD :)