Huff speakers

Has anyone heard these speakers?
I've listened to some of his "box" speakers under less than ideal conditions. John Huff did a demo for us at a Chicago Audio Society meeting. I was REALLY hoping that he was going to bring his modified German Physik's DDD's but i was out of luck. John brought an amp while the preamp and the digital source were supplied by Brian, the President of the CAS. For some reason, we couldn't get enough gain to really drive the amp enough to let things open up and sing. The speakers did not sound bad, but i have to believe that they were capable of a lot more with a system that was better matched. After talking to him a bit, it was pretty obvious that John is a very nice guy and tries to take both a "musical" and "scientific" approach to building speakers. Sean
Of all the speakers out there the Huff omnis look the most interesting. I would love to hear them or at the very least hear from some one who has!