Hubbell outlet question

Does anyone know the difference between the Hubbell IG5362 and the IG8300? Thanks for your help.
Both isolated ground.

The 8300 is hospital grade with nickel plated contacts, the 5362 is spec grade with non plated brass contacts.

Guitarplayer has it right with a minor exception: the "HI" version of the Hubbell 8300 (8300HI) is non-plated brass, as well. There are multiple versions of all of these with minor part number designation changes. The "HI" version is a shallower version of the 8300H which is plated.
Good catch! Forgot to mention the "H" version.

Actually, the "H" after the 8300 is all that needs to be worried about to ensure that you get the unplated brass receptacle. The "I", or "W", or whatever letter specifies the color of the receptacle. So, to sum up:

HBLIG5362x--Isolated ground spec grade, unplated, 20A
HBLIG8300x--Isolated gound, hosp. grade, nickel plated, 20A
HBL8300Hx--Hosp. grade, unplated brass, 20A

So many little time!

Like Rushton mentioned, the "H" version, is shallower than the regular 8300, or 5362 for that matter, and is a lot easier to install in shallow electrical boxes.

Gentlemen, I thank you.