Hubbell IG8300. Fantastic results

Don't know exactly where to post this but I just received and installed a Hubbell IG8300 cryo treated wall socket and WOW! It's about a $35 investment that has done more than most of my improvements. I just urge anyone who has not changed that 70 cent outlet to do so. Every aspect was, almost spookily, (is that a word?) better. I heard bass notes defined like never before, soundstaging did something I don't know how to describe and basically everything became unbelievably clearer. I decided to do this after reading a few enthusiastic comments on other posts and Thank You to those who did so. Do this before spending $$$ on ICs, PCs or anything else.
Several other Audiogon members and I have been trying to suggest this upgrade for quite sometime to readers. We gain no profit from this advice, just trying to pass on suggestions that has made a huge improvement for a relatively small investment.

I’m glad you concur with our findings!

I have found with my experimentation that just about any good hospital grade outlet, cryogenically treated (the correct way) and burned in on a cable-cooker (to speed the break-in process) will sound very good. You can’t go wrong, it’s just a matter of personal preference. I own most but not all of the popular outlets. I prefer the Hubbell 8300 and 5362. Another favorite of mine is the Wattgate 381, which should not be cryo’d because it sounds better (but is much more costly)!
Stuart, glad you were open minded enough to give it a go. Most all of my audio buddies that don't have one are planning on getting them. It is an amazing improvement.

Where did yours come from and what, if anything did you do to burn it in? Did you notice any changes while the outlet did burn in?

I have two of the Hubbell's from Albertporter in my system and LOVE them!
These results were all immediate and I haven't even begun the burn-in so it should be interesting. I wrote the post literally hours after I installed the outlet. Isn't burning it in by using it good enough?
i got 4 hubbell's in the porterport deal & installed 2 dedicated lines at the same time,then burned in the system with a 1500 watt space heater, the second day was a major transformation,mostly in i have depth in the outside corners, 2 feet to the outside of each speaker.the bass is improved & the top end is about the same,but the mids are grainfree,even on digital.maybe the best upgrade i have ever done.
If the outlets weren’t cooked on a cable-cooker then many times the sound goes through several stages of transformation and harshness. Some times it takes three to six weeks to burn-in and for other’s they sound great from the start. I don’t know why, but it has happened to me both ways.
Hi5harry, why don't you post a comment on the Albertporter only needs 50 thread. I for one would like to keep that going and get a few more comments from the others of the group.