Hubbell 5362W vs. 5362WWR

Hi folks,
I ordered three Hubbell 5362W outlets to improve the power going to my system.
What I received were three 5362WWR outlets. Not quite the same thing, I guess.
That's what I need to know: is the WR the same....or should I return these? Anybody have any experience with this?
Thanks in advance for your help,

WR is weather resistant, but not exactly sure how they would be different to meet the specification. Obviously, corrosion is the issue, so maybe different materials, plating, etc.
Thanks for your response. I returned the outlets and will wait until Cabledyne gets more 5362's in stock.

You are welcome, and I think you made the right decision.
I recommend the Maestro outlet.....they've really made a positive difference in my system. Increase in every musical ear opener.