HTM1D or HTM2D ctr channel with 802D?

I have a mcintosh 501 for the ctr channel, using 805s with mac 252's for the rears. need a pre/pro with 1.3HDMI to complete the HT. Advice appreciated
HTM2D is much smaller than the HTM1D. If you have a low screen than go with the 2D. I'm using 802d's w/the HTM2D Center. Pricing between the two is miles apart as well.
BIG sound from the 802's and HTM2D. It'll be a hugh step up from the 805's.
Can you speak to the difference between the HTM2D and the HTM4S? I have 802Ds, and went with the smaller, non-diamond center. Had to mount it on wall above screen and thought anything larger might be too much. Now I wonder...
HTM2D is a perfect match with the 802d's. Center Channel in HT I THINK is more important than big Front L&R speakers. I had the HTM3s before I got the HTM2d. IMO totally different speaker and not fair to compair. Was it better in my system YES!