HT system with small speakers

Need help comparing several options. The speakers need to be small due to space considerations. Polk RMDS-1. Approx $2500. Gallo Nucleus Micros with Rotel or Onkyo Receiver. Also around $2500 Anyone have comments on these systems? Should I be concerned that the Polk system does not have DTS or THX certifications? What about its upgradeability? Also, anyone have comments on lower priced systems, ie the Sony DAV-S300 for $600? Finally, any other small speakers I should consider, ie Boston Acoustics, Klipsch, etc? Thanks.
check out A set of emeralds and a quake might be what you are looking for.
If you want awseome stereo and HT system, you have to have a REL sub plus a really good monitor. I would recommend Linn Tukans, Totems Model 1's or sigs, Coincident triumph or sigs and Proac Response 1's or SC or Tablettes. Any of these with a REL, YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG. I would at least Q100e rel or if money allows, Strata II or III.
If you can find them on the used market, I would consider NHT superzeros of superones (five used all around). Add a sub for the L&R and a second for the LFE if you are going DD or DTS.