HT system education

Hello all- a friend of mine referred me to this site and said I would get the best information here.
I can tell you that I am NOT an audiophile or a hobbyist in this sport. I appreciate any input from you folks.
Let me tell you about my quest.

budget: $2,000 to $4,000. I know that's a big range. And my preference is to find lightly used components or systems.

I am looking for a complete home theater system. My first preference is to buy one system, in one box. I saw the Sony Dream System- the DAV-LF1 and have been impressed with the quality, at that price.
But I'm not opposed to finding components and building them up.

However the one really big kicker is this- my house is all panel glass on one side and all rock on the other, and no way to route wires for the surround or rear speakers. The monitor is bolted to Texas Limestone, and you can't drill down it to get to the hollow wall. It is not possible to run wires so I have to use a wireless system for the rears. I've tinkered, dug through insulation and even considered running the wires through the vent cap in the roof, there is just no way with our vaulted ceilings and layout that I can get wires back there- and running them across the floor is not an option.

Here are some pictures so you can visualize what I'm talking about.

So given the budget I'm looking at, and bearing in mind I'm not a hobbyist what would YOU do? I'm just a guy with $4,000 who wants to have a good, loud and clean system to watch Sean Connery blow stuff up.

We will also occasionally watch TV (Discovery HD is about the only thing we watch!) listen to DVDs and Music-on-demand.
Stay away from HT in a box systems. mid fi at best. I dont know what you can do about your wiring issues.
My advice is, don't try. I'm not aware of any remotely decent wireless speakers, surround or otherwise. Plus, your current setup has your main fronts on a different plane than your center, which is not ideal, to say the least.

I suggest you consider a different route:

All your "speakers" are in a row, right under your monitor. It appears that you can add a subwoofer. The YSP-1 is being phased out in favor of the 800 and 1000. This isn't an audiophile solution, but as you said, you're not an audiophile. You're looking for a way to have a home theater experience without stringing cables all over the place, and this might just be the ticket.
okay here is a layout of my living room (very crude)
That looks similiar to the Bose 321 concept, which in my uneducated experience is junk. I know the out-of-the-box HT systems are not excellent. But I'll settle for "very good" in exchange for some simplicity.

So there is no "wireless" solution that is any good huh? Surely there is a market for that...
Yeah, but that's Bose. (And while many Bose products do legitimately stink, most of the people who rag about them have never heard them. They just think it shows off their refinement to scorm that particular company.) I wouldn't automatically condemn every similar attempt. I've heard neither the Bose nor the Yamaha (nor Polk's variant), so I can't offer any subjective judgment on them. But this sort of product can work, and does meet your needs.

There are wireless speakers. Maybe somebody here has some experience with them, and has found a decent set. I'm not aware of any.
I heard the 321 system and it won't work. I couldn't care less if it's made by some guy with no vowels in his name or it's Bose or it's something in the clearance bin at Walmart. If it sounds good, and it is a good value and it suits my needs I'll buy it. But I'm really stuck with this wireless deal it sounds like!
Stay with a good 2 chanel plus subwoofer solution for you! You'll only have sonic nightmares tring to get all the channels in play. Stay quality over quanity! You'll also need a good AV pre/processor and 2 channel amp.
Polk and Yamaha and Mirage make soundbars which do surround from one sound position. See them:

If you like listening to stuff blowing up, you need a subwoofer.

Let me make a few other odd idea/suggestions for you.

This'll put some shorts in a knot, I'll bet!

I don't see it, but there must be a receiver somewhere?
Do this - feed a mini FM transmitter with a preamp or even a headphone output (low powered - it only has to go across the room) Try --- then put a small FM receiver at and output into a powered subwoofer.

Might just work. Be sure you get a good transmitter as you don't want distortion and you'd hear it in the lows.

Just an idea.

Here's another... Epos ELS-3s (cheap - $299 a pair, yet deservedly award winning) on your mantle. Instead of those fireside speakers. The only question is if they'll play loud enough. (One man's loud is another's NOT LOUD ENOUGH!) Place them so they slightly overhang the wood and put them upside down so the tweeter is more at ear level (maybe even tilt them down a little) and not firing into the wood. Should give better imaging that way. They roll at about 80Hz so you'd sure need a sub and wouldn't get the fake surround effect of a soundbar. FWIW.

Good luck!

Bob Wood