HT subwoofers

I am considering a B&K 7260 amp that supposedly puts out power down to 5Hz. Are there any subwoofers that handle that low of a sound and can an amp really produce bass that low? What are your recommendations for good subwoofers?
Another excellent choice for home theater or music is the discontinued Genesis 900 or the newer 928 (not as good as the older one).
SVS subs are kick ass!! Do yourself a favor and go to and check out the models and reviews. Go to and read what those "sub humans" are saying.
First of all, you are not going to get 5hz. I know of no recording that goes that low. What type of music do you love? The hsu's are hard to beat. Give them a listen.
Linn AV 5150 sub bass speaker may please you (perhaps musically more than cinematically)I realise that I am in a minority but I actually prefer its performance to the alternatives (I have listened carefully to loads)I think quoted specs state a flat response to 16 htz with final roll off to below 15 htz (I dont know if that is accurate.....)I have been very pleased with mine for the past two years