HT Speakers - Thiel or PMC?

I have a room measuring 13ft x 18ft x 8 ft. I am using a Sharp 10k projector and a Stewart Firefox. I am using a Denon 3803 amp. I have in mind the following speakers:
1. Thiel CS2.4 (front), CS1.6 (rear), SW1 (sub) and MCS1 (center).
2. PMC FB1 (front), CB6 (center), TLE1 (sub), Magnaplanar MGMC1 (rear).
3. PMC LB1 (front and rear), CB6 (center), TLE1 (sub).
Anyone has any recommendation?

I'm using CS1.6's in front with an SCS3 center channel. If your system is strictly for HT this combo will work great for you. The 1.6's will be a better match for your receiver, than the 2.4's, as they are more efficient and a bit more forgiving. The 2.4's would really demand better electronics. For your HT use I feel the 1.6's will work better than the 2.4's, especially if you add the SW1. The only weakness the 1.6's have is their lack of low bass, which is moot by adding the SW1.

For your surrounds you don't want a floor standing speaker. Get something you can mount on the wall, or place on stands, at a position that is higher than ear level at your viewing position. I use M&K tripoles and they are great. I don't feel the timbre/voicing of the surrounds is nearly as critical as the fronts, so you can go with a different company for the surrounds. I picked the M&K's because they are specifically designed as surrounds. If you want to stick with Thiel, the PCS speaker will be more than sufficent.

Good luck.
Have you considered Paradigm, specifically their Studio Reference series? It's quite a popular brand with hometheater and multichannel crowd. I've had Paradigm home theater systems for years. A good value for the money.

You should really try matching your center speaker with your fronts.