HT Speakers... nice sound for good price ?

I decided to let alone HT for my room, and only get HT setup for the living room..i don't have enough space in my room for it to be worth the investment..and the only good pre/proc i wanted to get ( SP1 or SSP-30 ) are completly out of price for me ( i'm only 22 eheh )
So i decided to get a nice bryston matched system to play my mirage speakers .. ( OM-10 )

So for the living room, i was going to buy a Nakamichi Soundspace 11 for the easy of use and matching, but it is quite expensive and i think it can be beaten easily with different brands components.

So i would like to get suggestions from you people of great knowledge into wich direction too look for a good HT ( 5.1 )
something not too complicated cause my parents won't see the difference neway, for the living room.
I will need 2 front mid/hi , 1 sub , center and 2 rears..

We don't have a lot of space for the surround speakers so they'll need to be rather small and/or stand mountable.

The living room i am trying to fill with nice sound :)
is about 13m wide in front, 6-7m depth and has an open chatedral ceiling that is around 8-9m in height..
so i figure i'll need a lot of sound...

if u have suggestions for matching sound amplifers and preamps that would be greatly appreciated too..

thank you :)
B&W makes all sizes of speakers, monitors, floorstanders, and centers, to fit your budget. I use the little Leisure Monitors for rears and they are incredible! You can mount them on the wall, ceiling or stand them on shelves.
You should have audition Paradigm v100 or Cabasse model 350. They are all terrific for HT and probably fit your budget too. And also with Cabasse you have lifetime warranty. I do have a pair of Cabasse Iroise 500, which are sound superb, that I use for my stereo system. It has a deep base, very detail midrange and transparent soundstage. Cabasse also has different size of surround speakers. Highly recommended.
PSB Image Series is worth a listen.
Monitor Audio Silver Series, 9i,4i,12i.Can't be beat in it's price range and
Looks great to boot.