HT Speaker Wire Suggestions....?

Which speaker wire would you recommend for a 5.1 HT system? I was considering either WireWorld (Oasis or Solstice 6), or Analysis Plus (Blue or Clear Oval). I've used WW in my audio system years ago, and have used their HDMI cable for the last few years, so I like them. No experience with Analysis Plus. I'm sure either would sound fine. I'm not trying to make this like my audio system.
The speakers are Dali Motif LCR w/ table stands so it needs to be somewhat small and flexible (exposed and under carpet). Speakers need bare wire and importer said 16 gauge. That's smaller then I was considering. I haven't seen the speaker in person yet, but I'm assuming that's just for the bare wire itself in the connector. The jacket just may need to be stripped a bit further then usual. I wanted to use banana at both ends, so just at receiver end now. Easier to manage. The lengths are short; 1M and 2M. I'm doing the speakers in two stages; LCR + Sub, then in a week or two the Dali Fazon SAT for side-surroundlater on and require about 5-6M and run under carpet.

Related gear:

Marantz SR5004
REL R-205 Sub
I had Solstice 6 and then ordered Morrow Audio SP1 for all 5 channels. HUGE upgrade. It was so much clearer and more engaging. Much better separation of instruments and voices in movies. They also have a 60 day return policy. Also, the SP1 is so thin it was easily routed to the rear speakers.

Thanks. I'll check it out. What receiver/speakers are you using?

The WW Solstice might actually be too big for my small table stand speakers. Orbit 6 was suggested instead. The MA SP1 being thin is a plus.

Re: Morrow Audio SP1; "Nude termination is not offered on the SP1 due to the delicacy of the wires." My speakers require bare wire.

I have the speakers. The Dali importer wasn't being conservative about the 16 gauge wire size. These terminals are tiny. So I either need an actual 16 gauge cable, or one that terminates with bare wire, solder, or pin, small enough to fit. Any suggestions? AntiCables was recommended, but even that is 12 AWG. This size restriction seems to limit me to entry level quality cables. What's the best one?
AP blue oval is a giant killer even in a very good 2 channel system and it is silly cheap at 6 bucks a foot

Go to the link above and try out making this speaker cable. It may give you the nirvana you want and unlike the vast array of over-priced and over-hyped nonsense in the audio/video cable industry you may then just keep a few bucks in your pocket to enjoy on other things in life or wholly cow just put away and save.

I've decided to try Analysis-Plus Clear Oval, as well as their Super Sub Subwoofer cable w/ Furutech connectors, and a custom REL Neutrik speakON cable using Fat Oval and BFA bananas. Should be nice.

Switched to WireWorld (AP dealer had a meltdown with custom order). Decided on Orbit 16/4 terminated w/ WW Silver-Clad Banana Plugs/PINS (receiver/speaker), also Oasis 6 Subwoofer Cable. Working on custom REL speakON cable. Looking forward to it. Been using AQ 16/2 cable for now and stock subwoofer cable and power cord with REL. Not bad, so it's only going to get much better with the WW cables.
Wire is wire. Determine what gauge you need, then stop by Radio Shack or Wal Mart and get some. Or spend $1000 per foot on cryogenically frozen, crystal-aligned, vacuum-sealed, solid gold wire that's been chanted over by a Tibetan monk. It'll sound the same either way.
I will repeat, I had the Wireworld cables in my HT system and switched to Morrow Audio. Mike can make you anything you want. The Morrow cable was much much better than the wireworld cheap stuff. The Morrow cables were much less congested and much clearer especially for the center channel which is very important. The highs were extended and transparent. The Wireworld was very rolled off and never sounded transparent. They sounded like a blanket and two sheets were thrown over my system. Anyway, this was in my system and my experience. Yours may be different. I think Analysis Plus would have even been a better choice. Wireworld cables get much better much further up their line. Try E-mailing Analysis plus directly from their website. They are very helpful and accommodating.

Scuba dude: Thanks for joining this site just to share your cable wisdom. If only you had been around to tell me that before, 20 years ago. I could have saved so much $$$$$. So what cables have you actually compared and with what equipment to come to this all-knowing conclusion?

Joeyboynj: Morrow was more expensive. WW will suffice. AP may have been good too, but it was costlier as well.