HT Sound quality - tube versus solid state amplification

If you had your choice between tube and solid state amplification for your home theater main speakers, which would be more desirable?

I have solid state Mono blocks and I'm thinking about changing to tube monos.

Interested in what people use out there. 


I use my tube amp for 2 channel sound AND for the front 2 speakers of my HT system.  In the HT system the pre-out for the front 2 speakers on my HT reciever drives an input to my tube amp.  

So I get almost the same great sound I've cultivated for 2 channel sound in these 2 speakers for HT.  Very nice.


I have the same type of set up that Carlsbad has and couldn’t agree more with him.  I will add that the type of tube you have will determine how well the set up blends in with the solid state 5 channel amp that I have powering the center and surrounds.  For me the KT150s are perfect in that they are neutral, dynamic but still have that wonderful tube air.

I luv the sound of tubes. But for HT there are some considerations. The first is the longevity of the tubes and the driving of the tubes. I know movie passages can have dynamic range and swings of dynamics and that will tax tubes. I thinkeven more so than say, classical music. Secondly and probably most importantly is the heat. Some SET amps get very hot. It can pose a problem generating too much heat and even a potential danger for burning yourself, your spouse or children. Just some additional factors to think about or consider in a shared living space IMHO.

Home Theater system is not for audiophile sound quality.

It is for sound ´ s effects.  Dynamic is important.

SS amplifier would be the wright choice , I think . And you will not have to buy tubes on a regular basis…..