HT Setup Professionals, Help !

I have a Lexicon MC-1, B&W N803, VCR, RCA Dolby Satellite System, Sony DVD Player etc... and am lost as to why I'm having so much difficulty setting it all up. I need a professional. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. The High-End stores are reluctant to waste their time seeing as I didn't buy my equipment from them.
Installers get 75-100 on up per hr depending on the type of installation. A lot of high end stores do their own installs of the stuff they have sold;so don't blame them.They haven't sold you anything,when they are out giving you help they can't make any sales.GOT TO LOOK AT THE WHOLE PICTURE.I have twice as much gear to contend with.I started with 2 ch years ago.little by little added more stuff.Are we talking: in behind walls? : a 5 ch amp? How big a room? own or rent? open rack? There are professional guys that will do it right; with sound preassure level meters 2/3hundred an hr.There also are guys doing this I wouldn't let walk my dog. I have a friend who does this and HE IS A BUTCHER He keps telling me about how his customers "turn on him" I never say anything but when you charge 100 an hr ,people expect things.Is it just the routing of the cables and wiring?ans my questions & lets see what is giving you the problem Look me up in members directory email me,or do it here and you can get 20 guys with 20 opinions.
It seems like you have a great system and I would love to install it for you. I work for an audio/video store. And always glad to help out a customer. It doesn't matter where they brought it from. Because a customer is right. Let me know what kind of problems you are running into I would be glad to help you out for free. Email me if needed. Take Care and Have a great 4th of July weekend