HT Set -up for $2K????

I need some help in setting up a HT for $2K for a good frined. I am completely lost with this. He will need speakers, amp, preamp, etc. This would not include the TV but he is just looking for a inexpensive set-up for the family.

Your friend has lots of options really. I bought a friend some Paradigms as a birthday gift to get her started on a HT system. I think I got a pair of Titans and a CC-170, found them used (demos) for about $180 each. Add some of their dipolar surrounds and a sub and you've got a nice system for about $1000. That leaves you another $1000 for a receiver and cables.

You could also try Energy or Mirage for their packages.
I`d spend $1000.00 on speakers, Axiom for example, check out their website and choose setup that you need. Then for $300.00-400.00 I`d get Philips Q50 DVD player, outstanding video quality, I think everyone agrees with me on this one. And with $600.00-700.00 left it`s almost impossible to find good separates , so I`d look for a reciever. In this price range you can find NAD ( T751), Rotel (RSX-972), Integra (DTR-5.3 and DTR-6) or Marantz (SR-5200 and 6200) . Compare options and features and make your choise. Good luck. I had personal expirience with Philips player and Axiom speakers and can tell you that for the money they are great. Not a big fan of recievers though .
Other speakers to look at in this price range include Aperion, Ascend Acoustics, Axiom, NHT, Norh, Rockets by Onix, Totem Dreamcatchers, and a few others. Most of these companies are internet direct. Also, add the internet direct Outlaw 1050 to receivers to be considered. Go with Rat shack gold or AR's basic interconnected approx $20 each. I also see lot of good comments for the Sony DVD that also plays SACDs thats sells for about $250.

I think that today, your friend ought to be able to land himself a damn good sounding system for the $2K that he is proposing to spend. You also said that he would want separates as well. Well........ hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't think that he's going to be getting any separates for his $2,000.00. Not unless he's willing to settle for something that is hopelessly behind the current technological curve. And before I do that, I would just rather get a nice receiver instead. But the way I would divide up the system budget is this:

Speaker System -- $700.00-to-$1,000.00
Audio/Video Receiver -- $500.00-to-$900.00
DVD Player -- $300.00-to-$500.00
Cables -- No more than $150.00

And with that said then, then here are the following I would recommend:

Speaker System: Energy Take 5+1, Mirage AVS + LF-100, Paradigm System Two (Atom (Fronts) + CC-170 (Center) + ADP-170 (Di-Polar Surrounds) + PDR-8 (Powered Subwoofer)), and the PSB Alpha Series -- $700.00-to-$1,000.00

Audio/Video Receiver -- Marantz SR-6300, NAD T752, Onkyo TX-SR600, Outlaw Model 1050, or the Yamaha RX-V730 -- $500.00-to-$900.00

DVD Player -- Philips DVDQ50AT -- $400.00 (there is only ONE choice at this price..... to get a player that is significantly better than this one, he may have to spend upwards to about $1,000.00....... perhaps more)

Cables -- Monster Cable -- $150.00 (look at the "M" Series of audio and video cables)

He is just going to have to compare the various components that are listed above and then come up with a combination that he is happy with and can live with over the long haul.

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!!!!

I see everyone recommending the Phillips DVDQ50AT. I'd like to say that the Panasonic XP30 is a much better value at around $200 on Ebay etc. has tested a large number of progressive scan dvd players and the XP30 scored a tie for best picture with the Panasonic RP82 and the Denon DVD1600.

I bought the XP30 and I must say that it has the best DVD picture I've ever seen.