HT Room B&W 804's or 805's?

I am currently building out my HT room (14x20x8), in the basement, and recently purchased a Rotel 1066 as my pre/pro. I am trying to decide if I should purchase (used on Audiogon) a pair of N804's for the fronts, HTM-1 for the center and SCM-1 for the side and rear surrounds with a REL Storm III Sub or pair of N805's, HTM-2, with same surrounds and sub as stated earlier.
BTW, I will purchasing the Samsung 56" DLP RPTV (2nd Gen) as my viewing source and a Phillips 963SA DVD player

As you might have noticed, I don't have an amp yet to drive the setup and would appreciate any recommendations. This is what I am currently looking at (no specific order):

1. B&K Reference Series 200.5 or 7250
2. Parasound Halo A 52
3. Anthem MCA 50
4. Aragon 2005

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


In the last cople of days, thee have been threads about the Parasound JC-1 and Aragon vs Anthem equipment. You might want to look at those. B&K can be a safe choice and you might include a Rotel 1075 or 1095 for audition.
I have had a pair of N805s for my rears since Christmas. I'm replacing my old CV mains with another pair of N805s that I just bought from someone here on the forum. The new pair arrive Monday. I can't wait. Now, I'm in the market for a sub to go with them. I do just about 100% HT.

I started out with an HTM2. I kept it for about 3 weeks and upgraded through the dealer to an HTM1. I couldn't be happier with my upgrade. I CAN hear the difference between the two. The dialogue is clearer with the HTM1 than the HTM2. The extra $1000 for the HTM1 was worth it in the long run since I'm planning to make this my center channel speaker for a very long time. And besides, two months later, I don't miss that extra $1000.00

I'm not sure how much difference you would hear between the 805s and the 804s. I never auditioned the 804s because I just don't have room for floor standing speakers right now. The N805s sound fantastic to me. I did listen to several different kinds of speakers at the dealer before I decided on my first pair of N805s.
Oh, I forgot, my living room is 17x21 with a cathedral ceiling that slopes from 18' down to 11'. The room is also open to the kitchen and upstairs office all with 9' ceilings. The HTM1 and N805s do a great job with this very large space.

My husband's old CVs put out more bass than the N805s so I hadn't been using a sub before. But I'm gladly trading the extra bass of the CVs for the better, cleaner sound of the N805s. (I did an A/B test to make sure I liked the N805s for the front before I bought them.)
I just purchased the Rotel 1066/Aragon 2005 combo and am really impressed with it...very musical combo. The Aragon 2005 has more than enough power for almost any sized room or speaker and sounds quite excellent, with excellent bass slam and good detail. Check out Audiorevolution's review of the Aragon's the 7 channel version of the same amp.