HT Revision...


Just to update for anyone who is interesed about my list of equipment for a humble HT system. After talking to my sister & brother-in-law (they have been researching for 2 yrs and have seen/heard lots of TVs/equipment), I have decided to go with a Samsung DLP Set 56" (could be '04 or '05), Panasonic SA-XR50S receiver and Infinity modular compact 6.1 speaker system. Using digital/recorder receiver for now and maybe going for a DVD player with DVI ouput in the future.

If anybody has any suggestions on improvements feel free to reply.

If you are going for best video, then save money and go dvi dvd, I have seen this and it is amazing, a must with the samsung. The price on dvi dvd is dropping so not a huge investment for an awesome upgrade.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the tip! I am considering cancelling my movie channels and just buy/rent DVDs. Main reason that most movies broadcast aren't in 16:9 format and movie resolution is approx 600.