HT receiver with parametric EQ


Is BK the only company that offers a parametric eq with their receivers?

Classe does on the SSP-800 prepro. Most AVRs are offering autoEQ features these days.

The Classe' SSP-800 looks to be a very sophisticated and stellar processor. Classe's belief that room equalization has a limited ability to correct problems and introduces a host of other issues is somewhat understandable.

On the other hand not including room correction as an intermediate setup before a more professionally preformed equalization and or room treatment can be preformed is IMO shortchanging the user considering the $8000 price. A change in speaker location or a simple change in room decor would require a professional house call.
Was hoping a reasonable priced unit will have both. Thinking the auto eq will get you so far and then some fine tuning with the parametric eq will help out.
Why do you need the parametric? If you just want a "house curve," you can add that with the AudysseyPro option on many Audyssey-equipped units.


I was not familiar with the AudysseyPro. I will do some research. Yes, the ability of creating a "house curve"/customizing to my taste is what I desire. Thinking having the option is good.