HT Receiver with 200 WPC?

HT receivers have become so good that I'm re-tinking my
setup AGAIN. Last year, I was using a Anthem AVM20 pre/pro
with a Sherbourn 7/2100A amp. WOW, sounded absolutely incredible. Then came Blu-Ray. The Anthem doesn't decode any of the new audio formats. So I sold the Anthem, and bought the Pioneer Elite SC-07 receiver to use as the pre/pro. Sounds even better. Today I decided to unhook the Sherbourn amp (200)wpc and try the amps in the Pioneer 140wpc. WOW, it sounds I'd guess 90% as good as the Pioneer Sherbourn combination. So now I'm thinking that if I could find a Receiver with 200wpc I'd be back in HT heaven and banking a windfall from the sales of the existing gear. Bank, Right! I'd have some extra coin to throw at upgrading something.
Any help would be appreciated.
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As mentioned, try Sunfire. As far as I know Sunfire is the only receiver out there with 200w/ch. Another idea is the NAD T785. Not 200w/ch but every indication is it seems like it. The NAD also has the new audio formats.

Could have kept the Anthem and bought an oppo 83 or panasonic 80...both of which do processing internally if you wish and send via analog outs to pre/recvr. But, now that you have the could search for another high pwr amp. I have a complete nht setup...prepro, icepower amps, x2/a1 biamping classic series all around. Love the ice pwr...rated at 200 ch...higher on the bench. It's light, cool, and powerful. The thing pre does not do the hirez I let the oppo 83 do the work via analog...awesome with dts ma and dd true hd. Only if a recvr uses class d or h amps would I trust the power ratings in a real world situation.