HT receiver that can reproduce 2 ch across spkrs


Does anyone know if there are any home theatre receivers / pre/pro (ie. Integra) that will allow me to have a home theatre mode (ie. 7.1 / 5.1) but can change over and play 2 channel stereo equally across the speakers (some stereo DSP effect?)

ie. All speakers are the same model. I like to watch home theatre and have same speakers for the front / surround / rears. Kids would like to play stereo music equally across all channels like a dance party. ie. Left signal would play on Left - Front, Left surround and left rear spkrs; Right signal would play on right front; right rear; right surround.

Many thanks!
Most pre/pro's and receivers have a 5 channel stereo mode, some even have 5 channel mono? Try denon, marantz, integra, anthem, b&k...
Denon receievers do this with a variety of signal processing types- inlcuding pro logic 2. and 5 channel stereo as its called.
Most home theatre receivers, esp the japanese ones, have a five channel stereo option...good for listening when you are doing housework