HT Receiver Suggestions for Quads

I'm looking for recommendations for a HT receiver to drive a Quad 21L/11L HT set up. I'm tempted to try the new Panasonic XR45 digital($300!), or am I better off with something more substantial like the Rotel or B&K (or something in between). Use will be 50/50 music and HT. Any suggestions for a good match to consider are appreciated. Thanks.
Better to spend more money if you want some nice decent sound.I prefer Rotel,but it depends how much you wanna spend for it?
I am using Pioneer Elite VSX-45TX (discontinued , I believe)for Multichannel audio with the Quads 11Ls, it sounds very musical and articulate...may be you should consider it...
No doubt u have already purchased, but anyways, i run an XR45 on a pair of Quad 12L's, Quad Centre and wharfdale rears.

I decided on this unit as an upgrade from my Denon 1602, after home demos of Denon 3805 and Arcam AVR300 i felt feel short for the newer age + dollar difference.

More noticably in two channel the little panny surpasses these two in sound.

Ha "tested" on mates Quad 22L's and drove them OK as well.

They are not "super grunty" seemingly have more in mulitchannel than two channel, if your room is small/medium should be fine