HT Receiver Recommendations & Denon Question

Hello, I'm looking for a HT receiver that will fit in my shelving unit, which is exactly 17 and 1/4 inches deep. I would like zone 2 speaker outputs and pre outputs, and around 100 WPC. There are a lot of models which have this, most every 7.1 receiver qualifies, but none except the Denon units appear to meet the 17.25" depth requirement (which by the way should include volume knobs and connectors on the back). Does anyone have a recommendation?

As for my Denon question, I have seen conflicting stats for the Denon, the website lists the AVR-2805 and AVR-2105 as 16.4" deep, but other websites and Etailers list these as 17.5" deep. Does anyone have one and can you post measurements which INCLUDE the volume knobs and connectors on the back?
I have a denon 3805 which i think is 16.75 deep.

Odds are the measurement of 16.4 is from front of chassis to rear of chassis.

I was looking at an low-slung that only measures 18in deep, minus about 1/2 inch for the rear of the rack and the doors. I was kinda bummed cause my denon WOULD fit, but not with the connections in the back. Too bad too, it looked real slick. Beach wood, smoke doors, it definatly had a very high-end look to it.

The denons might not fit in the rack. Depending on the rack you might be able to modify it. I have a roomate who'se Yamaha is about 1/8in too big for his entertainment center when measured to the the terminals in the back. his solution was to cut a hole in the back large enough for the rear-connections to poke through, yet small enough you cannot see the hole from the front.

I really dont have any advice on the sizes of any other recievers, but keep your eye out. You might check out the Marantz recievers, for some reason i seem to remember them as not being quite so deep, but i could be mistaken.

Happy hunting! :)
Don't forget that banana plugs can add another inch in depth!
Also, many manufacturers tend to claim that they have zone 2 capabilities and don't really. Yamaha,Sony and Integra have zone 2 outs but no volume control and limited switching for most units. You will get better zone 2 from denon and marantz.
I helped a friend pick out an HT receiver recently, and after a fairly short process of elimination, we came down to either the Denon 3805 or the Rotel 1056. Despite the higher power rating of the Denon, the Rotel was the clear victor. It was much more clear, refined, musical, dynamic and realistic than the Denon (at least in 2-channel, which is how we did most of our testing). If you don't need 7.1 channels of amplification (the 1056 will decode 7.1, but only has 5 channels of amplification), the 1056 is very impressive at its price. Of course, the 1067 would be even more impressive, I am sure. The dimensions (in mm) of the 1056 are 433 x 162 x 421mm, according to the Rotel webpage.