HT receiver best under 1k???

What is the best HT receiver money can buy <1K?
Ah yes...same thing here.
What's the acoustical and video system scenario like in your room?...Do you need a receiver with and EQ? you need a receiver strong enough to drive larger or more demanding speaker loads?...Would you consider separates?...What speakers are going to be matched with the receiver?(you should figure out speakers BEFORE the power source and pre, yes! the speakers are responsible for most of the tonal quality and performance of the sound,almost equal to acoustics, then the components, then the wires, power condition, etc.)...Do you need "direct" inputs (I presume not), or maybe a tuner? loud do you listen, and what will be your sources?.
Infact, if ANY salesman responded to your "I want the best receiver at under $1k" statement/question, by simply saying "this one right here", and you bought it, without having the guy qualify all your specific needs, I'D RUN OUT OF THE STORE, FAST!!!
P.S., more input needed
Are you looking for the best features or the best sound?

For me it is always sound over features. YOu might look at a used rotel unit.
Actually all the info from above---just one item left out--- Need an hdmi input?? Do ya plan on getting into HD- or BlueRay?---HDMI is nice for these newer formats. Otherwise pick up a late model,used rec.---and get more for your money. Then we have the usual---Go to and read till you drop. There are many threads, some about 2 miles long on just about anything video,over there.
I am looking for the best sounding receiver. I am looking to purchase either PSB T55 with B25 and center channel or maybe the Revel F12 with M20 and center channel. My room is 14 x 19 with only three walls, room is open to a large kitchen area. Also, the room has high ceilings (vaulted). Yes, HDMI is something that I wuold be interested in.
Another important criteria is that the receiver is 7.1 capable without the use of an external amp source to drive a second room.
If I purchase the speakers above can they be bi-wired without limiting my second room option?