ht processor/receiver for dali ikon 7 and A5amp

ok no posts to my last question... i need a receiver with hdmi switching for HT use. i have an A5 that use for 2 channel music and need an upgrade over my denon3805... i like the sound of 2 channel with my a5 and my dali... want to find something better than my 3805 for my center and was looking at NAD 765, integra sr7002,

a local shop showed me a NADm25 with a cary cinema 11 and a seperate hdmi switcher... said that set up would allow me to get rid of the 3805 and the A5 and blow away the sound for HT and 2 channel music . any help would be appreciated. oh we use it it about 50 50 between music and HT/ gaming