HT Proc. with 5.1 analog in, under 1k, good sound?


I would like to add surround capabilities for movies and SACD. I'm looking for a HT Processor with an analog 5.1 in, with a good sounding analog pass-through.

I'm looking to spend under $1k used on A'Gon.

Any suggestions?

A member posted yesterday a Meridian 565 7.1 dd dts processor on Videogon for $550.00. A great price for a Meridian pre-processor and DAC. Not sure about inputs for 5 discrete analog channels, but this does 7.1
Outlaw Audio...$899

Thanks for the suggestions... though the meridian 565 does not have a 5.1 analog in, and the Outlaw is a bit bigger in physical size than I had in mind. (It's huge!)

So I'll continue looking.
Just my opinion, if possible, try to find a used A/V receiver with HMDI video switching. Component video inputs will eventually be obsolete, and will make it harder to sell non HDMI processors in the future. Most A/V processors are large because they try to accomdate every possible source and every possible input/output jack type for backward compatibility, but bigger is not always better.
I don't know how much the audio refinement pre 2 dsp is currently going for, but it will do what you are looking for. The newer versions have dpl II as well.
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Somec59 - Actually, I've already got my video switching and processing covered. I need the HT Proc for audio-purposes only.

Msf - Thanks for the suggestion. Since I do a lot of Wii gaming, I am quite interested in DPL II. It seems the Audio Refinement Pre2DSP with the DPL II addon will meet my requirements, but unfortunately, there aren't any currently available on the 'Gon. I'll keep my eye open.
The Rotel 1066 is a nice choice and there are several currently listed well within you price range. It meets your connection requirements, sounds great and is a great looking piece to boot.
I am selling a harman kardon signature series for a great price...check it out and do some research on it...could be just what you are looking for at a great price!

Basically what you are looking to do is exactly how I have used mine and it is great when compared to more expensive units!!

It has the latest software available, FULL DTS 5.1, 4 channel and 2 channel!! very hard to find

let me know if you have any questions
Steve T>
If you already have a HT processor you are happy with except for the lack of a 5.1 analog input ....

You may be able to have some of the idle analog inputs not in use converted to accept the 5.1 output of your source for $175

5.1 analoge upgrade

I'm sure this is not the only model that can be converted ... drop them a line and see what they say
Thanks Steve,

Is that the Harmon Kardon Sig. version 2? Does it have Dolby Pro Logic 2?

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't already have a HT processor. I do have a video scaler (DVDO) that is doing all my video input switching for me, but I have nothing on the audio side for multi-channel right now.

Check out the Cary Cinema 6 that listed today for 1,000. It has dpl II and actually sounds better than the audio refinement piece. I replaced my audio refinement with the cary cinema 6. (I also have a cary cinema 11 - nice stuff)

Msf - Thanks, I emailed the seller already regarding the Cary unit, it looks pretty nice.

I did read a luke-warm review by Christine Tham about the Cinema 6, which raised a couple of concerns.

Can the Cinema 6 apply DLP II processing to an analog input?

Can the Cinema 6 automatically remember what type of a connection is on each input? (coax, optical, analog)

Can the Cinema 6 automatically set the processing mode depending on the source? Ie. DD or DTS when appropriate without having to manually change that

I have been able to use dpl II on my analog tuner input, but let me double check tonight.
It does not remember which type of connection - I remember that it is in a specific order for each input though, so if you use the "first" type of connection on each it will work well - I think it is coax first but I'd have to check to be sure.
It does read the DD or DTS flags and sets itself up appropriately.
You can work around the not remembering which connection part if you use a universal remote as it will cycle through the inputs in a fixed order. You can have the universal remote hit the dvd input button twice to get to the second input of the dvd. I use a harmony remote with great success. This is the only real quirk with the cinema 6 that I know of. The audio refinement has 4 analog and 4 digital inputs and it uses whichever is connected to each input, but it cycles through analog 1 though 4 and then digital 1 through 4.
Hope this helps,
Thanks Mark,

I do have a universal remote (Universal Remote brand) so I think I'd be able to rig that up with a macro.

It would be great if you could double check about the DPL II on an analog input. It that works, then this unit looks like a no brainer. I'm still waiting to hear back from the seller.
Take a look at They dropped the price of their best processor to about $800. I suspect they are clearing it out for a new model. I did some research on this and the consensus from a few users was that it is a very good unit. Unlike the Outlaw, which both people who responded to my inquires said was fatiguing after awhile.
I found this in a forum post: "At first, I also thought that the inputs were strictly bypass, but after fooling around with it, you can disable the "direct" function and should be able to engage surround processing for analog sources."

So it seems the reviewer was wrong about this.
See the Cons list
Regalma1 - The emotiva looks awesome. Apparently it is built around the same architecture as the Sunfire. For $900 new, it has everything that I'm looking for, though I have to admit cosmetics-wise I prefer the Cary.

If it doesn't work out with the Cary, I'll probably end up picking one of these up new.
Thanks all for the help - I bought the Cary Cinema 6.

I just listened to my analog tuner in dpl II with the cinema 6.

I think you'll like it.

I'd seen that Cary up there as well this morning (after offering up my Audio Refinement) and was going to let you know, but it looks like you're already on top of it. I agree that that looks like a good choice for what you were looking for. Fits the bill better than what I had for your needs.
If you can find an old Acurus Act 3, that's been factory upgraded to Aragon Stage 1 DAC's, JUMP ON IT!!! You probably can find one for $1000 if you put in wanted adds, and searches. They are REALLY REALLY rare, and hard to find. Infact, people don't sell these mostly for a reason. They ARE better sounding than the Aragon Stage 1, IMO. Very uncolored, UNMATCHED DYNAMICS, and clean, detailed, vivid, audiophile grade sound. You'll get all the processing of the Aragon Stage 1, with direct inputs for all analog sources, plus a 8 channel input for your needs. Good luck
I just saw a McCormack MAP-1 go for $1200. Not a processor but you don't need one if you already have a disc player outputing 5.1. I have one and like it very much. I like keeping the video switching away from my audio. Just hook your cable or directv box HDMI directly to the TV.