HT Pro Silway II vs. HT Truthlink

My system includes Linn Ikemi, Plinius 8150, B&W Matrix 803s, HT Pro9 biwires and Truthlink ICs. I'm considering moving to the Pro Silway IIs.

I'm looking for a bit more transparency and detail without losing the great musical nature of this system. I'm also new to high-end.

Thanks for your comments. Joel
I've owned/sold all the gear you just mentioned, and of course you might have to try to find out you're self, to really find out. But I must agree that the Pro Silway Mk II is ultimately "bright!" Iv'e tried em on a lot of different gear/speakers, and they're ultimately "fatiguing and zippy"...othere wise high rez. The Truth Links are decsent, but not spectacular. They're a good mid/hi entry cable, but are in the league of Cardas 5c/Cross, Audio Quest Python, Nordos entry level, etc. (But they're at least listenable compared to the silway's, which might work excellent if you biamped, and used em on the bottom ONLY!!!) You might want to consider the Acoustic Zen stuff, by the same guy who made the Harmonic line origianaly (excellent...expecially the Ref Silver), Cardas Golden Cross of Ret, etc.
As for you're HT Pro 9 speaker wires, they're actually pretty darn good!..I'd stay with those just fine.Good luck
I have many Acoustic Zen and Harmonic Tech cables. The differences are subtle and system dependent. By that I mean if you had the chance to audition both company's top of the line interconnects, you would find them both to be excellent. It depends upon the rest of your system.
The Pro Silway II's are excellent and are a notch above the TruthLink in my system. I do like the smoothness of the TruthLink on my turntable but the Silway gives the ultimate in detail and resolution. I do not experience the lack of bass or brightness that some have mentioned so the decision is system dependant. I see the Silway's selling between $200 and $250 here on Gon so it should be easy to test. I am so glad that I tried the Silway so that I could experience was my system could do. Dale
I love my Pro Silways II XLR and Pro 9's. The Pro Silways give you a better balance with thier hybrid design.