HT Preamps with GOOD 2 channel sound?

Im looking to pickup a new multichannel preamp that can be a solid performer for 2 channel and also do well in home theater mode. Budget is no more than $1500. No internal amplification needed.

Thanks for your recommendations!
Try the Krell HTS 7.1.I have one and its sounds great to me on digital or 2 channel analogue.
Get something with good room correction system built
in.....Integra comes to mind in your price range. I sold my
long time two
channel tube preamp (Audioprism Mantissa) after buying a new
receiver with room correction (I'm only using it as a

It did take some effort, getting the hang of running the
correction system (a lot of reading, and I probably ran it
10 times or so before I was truly happy).

This is the best my system has ever played music, regardless
of components.

Note: I've tried a couple of expensive prepros in the past
(although none of them had a good room correction system
built in)........and none could beat a good two channel

Technology is good..........and times have changed IMO.

Tact Audio TCS mk II and mk III
Why not connect your two channel sources directly to your amplifier and bypass the pre-amp all together? You must not have an integrated?

I have an Integra 50.1 receiver and have been very impressed with it so far. I would imagine that an Integra preamp would be similar in the components that they share.

I am in the process of building a pair of 3-way towers that are being actively crossed over via a Behringer DCX-2496. This connects to 6 seperate channels of amplification. I currently have a Parasound PHP850 but since Ive ordered a projector for gaming and HT use, I'd like to have a Preamp capable of decoding the multichannel formats for those uses. (I'll also be building a matched center channel using the same drivers for this purpose).
The Parasound is very transparent and sounds very good to me (not great, but very good considering its price point). I'd like the Multi-channel preamp to at least sound as good as this unit, hopefully better- when using playing 2-channel audio.

Thanks for the responses
I might suggest looking for a used BRYSTON SP1.7 or SP2.

Not sure what they are going for on the used market, but they are High End Preamps with a 6 channel capbility.
Hmmm. Havent found any SP1.7's in searches. What do you all think of the Anthem AVM20/30, Sunfire Theater Grand III and the Rotel RSP-1098, 1068? All can be had for comparable prices
Which would provide the best 2 channel sound?