HT Preamp-Processors w/ Balanced inputs & outputs

I'm beginning to shop for a new HT Preamp/Processor to replace my Parasound AVC-1800 & I'm not finding many w/balanced inputs as well as balanced outputs.
If I'm using an unbalanced digital coax input to a pre-pro how is the signal modified to balanced output to the amp? there any type of signal loss/degradation?
Integra Research RDC7.1, and Krell come to mind.
Anthem processors have a balanced in and outs. So does Carver.
The balanced digital input is modified in the same way that a SE digital input is. Both are decoded from the S/PDIF or AES/EBU signal and a balanced analog signal is created in the pre/pro. There's no direct balanced processing anyway.

i hope to review the anthem avm 50 in the next month or so, anthem makes great products and stands behind them long after the sale.
Thank You to all!
Proceed AVP2 and AVP have XLR inputs and outputs in the three main channels. I have used both and they are excellent.
If you're willing to put up with the added complication of a Proceed PAV/PDSD combination, you can have 5 channels of XLR outputs to your amps. The Proceed PAV accepts XLR from CD/SACD and AUX inputs, and has analog pass-through cability. I have four boxes between the sources and the speakers, PAV, PDSD, Amp 2 and Amp 3. The PAV and PDSD communicate via a special port, so the PDSD could be hidden away, given that it has no knobs or displays. All control is by way of the PAV and its comprehensive remote. The PDSD output to the amps is via 5 XLR lines.

I bought an older Krell HTS 5.1 not the Showcase. It has great sound and does most of what I need for movies. They can be had on Audiogon for $1500.00. They are balanced all around. I am running balanced to my Krell Showcase amp and unbalanced with the digital end. I am using a digital coax from a Denon DVD 9000 player.
my theta casablanca II processor is running with XLR or RCA. lots available on audiogon.
Arcam AVP700 comes to mind as does the Bryston SP2. The Arcam piece is a great bargain. I am a dealer for both if you are interested. Stay away from the Krell Showcase.