HT Preamp INTEGRATED with 2 channel PRE?????

I am hoping this isn't as difficult as it seems. As with most people in the world, I am trying to integrate a 2 channel system with my home theater. I am currently using
a McIntosh MX-132, fine in theater and 2 channel, but not great in either. I think the Lexicon processor are a notch above all others in HT but suck in 2 channel. I would like to use the Lexicon for HT and a good tube for 2 channel.
I will be using a nice 2 channel amp for BOTH music AND HT, and will have an additional 3 channel amp for center and surround when in that mode.

The question:


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I have an old, beautiful 2 ch. tube preamp and a Lexicon DC-1. I run my CD player direct into the preamp for no-compromise straight audio. For HT, I run the DVD's digital output into the Lexicon and the Lexicon's L & R analog output into the Aux input on the preamp, same as any other source. To balance the channels, I set the volume on the preamp at exactly noon (pick anything you want) and use the Lexicon's internal noise sequencer. When I switch to HT viewing I put the volume back to that spot, change the input to Aux, and then everything is controlled through the Lexicon. To listen to CD I switch the input to CD and adjust the volume where I want. HT listening is (very) slightly compromised by this setup, but 2 channel is glorious.