HT Gear solved, thanks all who helped!

I posted a "Help, I have no idea what I'm doing and wanna build a HT system" last week. Got lots of help, and I thought I'd let you know what I ended up with: NAD T760 AV Receiver, Toshiba DVD player, and found a used Gallo system here on Audiogon (five black M2 satellites and one black M2 "bowling ball" passive subwoofer, one pair of black wallflower stands- all for $700). Once the speakers show up, I'll run all the wire and stuff and let the kids enjoy surround sound. The one real upside to all this, while I was doing my research/shopping I came across a Systemdek IIX/Profile arm/Grado pick up (used) right here in my home town for $130!! I've got vinyl spinning in my office at work now! Nice addition to my analog line up that includes Oracle Delphi and Oracle Alexandria I use at home. Once again, thanks for all your help! Jeff
You're welcome, Jeff--But I have one question still. I have noticed that you have purchased a "passive" subwoofer to go with your Gallo Speaker System, NAD T760 Receiver and Toshiba DVD Player. What I would like to know is, how are you going to power your sub?? Do you plan to run the sub directly out of the NAD (providing that it has enough power to do that and power the speakers too (meaning still, that it has six amplifiers instead of five..... and I believe that the NAD T760 has five amplifiers)), or do you have a spare amp sitting in the closet somewhere (where in that case then, all you need is a crossover))?? --Charles-- This link describes how to hook up the sub. Hope there's no "gotchas"
From the Gallo website: "Option 2: Connect center and rear surround channels directly to the receiver and set to small enclosure. Connect the front channels (left and right) to our M1 passive subwoofer and connect the passive subwoofer to the receiver as noted on the subwoofer setup section of this manual. This will allow you to run the front channels as full range speakers. You can also augment the rear channels the same way. Digital recordings are increasingly incorporating full range signal to rear channels. You may then still connect an MPS powered subwoofer to the LFE output of the receiver." Rgds, Jeff