HT Components-would appreciate thoughts

Looking for feedback on this system-a bit of a mongrel, but uses some equipment I already have and enjoy. Room 20 x 17 family room, open to second story above.Video 45% Music 55% - also want to direct sources to a multi room system later.Listen to lots of Jazz, Instrumental Music. Enjoy the subleties of a good movie soundtrack more than the slam/bam.

Pre/Pro Bryston SP-1
Front Channel Amp Odyssey Stratos HT 3
DVD/CD Source - TBD...ideas??
Front L/R Linn Keilidh
Center Linn AV 5120
Rear Surrounds Paradigm Active 20s (late version 1)
Sub REL Strata II

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

So far so good looks like to me. Is the DVD/CD the only thing outstanding? What's the budget on the pieces MIA? Not an expert on the SP1 (or anything else either) but its agood one for sure. You already have it? Don't know if it has multi-region function.

The hotrod DVD/CD player is of course the Camelot Roundtable (assuming the Ayre is out of the question) see camelottech website which will steer you to a home theater review site containing a DVD player shootout where this unit smunched everything in sight. Also try the Theta models David and Carmen. Arcam has a reasonable unit with excellent performance. Pioneer and Sony have fairly nice units as well. I am sort of reluctnant to say anything further w/o some more info. Is SACD an issue? assuming you have the SP1, do you also need a DVD/CDP that does SACD? Does the SP1 have 5.1 inputs for the SACD? If so, that changes everything. Need just a little more.
Thanks for reply. I own the Linn Keilidhs right now, but not the SP-1.The SP-1 does allow remote triggering (12v) + it has an RS-232 out + a phone jack to connect to an infrared device. I'm no multiroom expert. I'm considering purchase of the active 20s used in the $750 let's me get some high quality rear channel sound without the expense of speakers+amplification.SACD is not an issue currently.I beleive the SP-1 can handle 5.1 SACD inputs. DVD/CDP that could handle SACD would be ideal.Thanks for your post.

Chstob; I also read that review. made me want to go right out and get a Camelot. Does anyone here own one? Are they really THAT GOOD? I am ready to upgrade to a progressive scan DVD player for my Mitsubishi HDTV. Mike: System looks good. what will you use as a Viewer for your DVD player?

Thumbs up. So far, your system looks great. No complaints here, that's for sure.

Now, as for your DVD/CD Player, you stated that you wanted SACD capability as well, right?? Well in this case, what budget are you REALLY working with?? Because so far, the only "affordable" DVD/CD Player that I know of is the Sony DVP-S9000ES ($1,500.00 MSRP), and I don't know if this is enough player to meet your needs or not. But, if I find anymore players to suggest to you, I'll let you know.

And now that you have most of your home theater in place, I am with "Snooker14" when I ask you THIS question. If you have a DVD Player in place and all, what I would like to know is what kind of display will you be using with your DVD Player (Direct-View?? Front Projector?? RPTV?? Wall Mount Plasma?? And what size will your display be)?? I see you don't have a display of any type listed in your system configuration listed above.

Snooker, I don't have one-yet anyway. I AM going to get one ASAP. I spoke to one member who has one and said it was all what it is purported to be. It does not, and never will handle SACD, but the video is the best and the DACS are really great, plus it upsamples everything to 24/96. Go to the candystore,, and look at the thing. So good. I will have to figure something else out for SACD, should I deem it necessary, as my pre/pro does not have 5.1 ch. inputs. I'm thinking about selling a kidney to get one sooner.
Thanks again for the replies. Budget is $6,000 not including Display and IC's. I want a direct view display. I am viewing across the short dimension of my room. The display that I'm interested in right now is the Loewe Aconda 9381 ZW (32", 30" viewable). I demoed this unit with a Progressive scan DVD player and it was impressive.
Chstob: I ordered one a few hours ago from audioadvisor with the 30day return policy. I just couldn't resist. should be here wednesday......
Snooker, you are my new hero. I wish I could do that right now. Please, please, please, say what you think once you feel you can. Either on the site, or to me off-thread. I'm gettin one like I said, but am into bein' teased until I do. I would force the issue and just throw down for one, but marital relations and all. To not do so amounts to the single largest exercise of dicipline I can recall imposing upon myself for a long time. It is a daily struggle; I am super-jealous.
I should have an opinion by the weekend. Don't sell a kidney yet!
Pealmike- I'm interested in your demo of the Aconda w/ a prog scan DVD. Which one, and did the external doubler beat the internal. I have a Loewe Planus-Elite DV 05 combo that I really like, but havent compared the Loewe doubler to any prog scan DVD. BTW, the Planus is awesome with DVD, pretty damn good with DSS, but only fair with an average cable signal.
swampwalker-I don't know enough about the equipment used in the demo to answer your question.