HT bypass vs Tape Out

What is the difference between a Home Theater Bypass and a Tape Out bypass? Don't both just pass a line level signal to a different piece of equipment?
My pre is a Cary SLP 98L and I would like to pass the signal from my DVD\CD player (connected to the Cary) to my old NAD HT pre.
Thanks in advance for the help.
Doug Clary
HT bypass is in input where tape out is an output. Otherwise they are pretty similar in that both defeat the volume pot(or attenuator). You can't use a tape-in as a HT bypass. It's the wrong direction.
Thanks for the quick response, but another question:
Can you use the tape out as a HT bypass?
Doug Clary
You want to use an input that is not controlled by the volume control. This is what an HT bypass does. You can use a regular input but you will have two volume controls in line.
No. not unless you turn your preamp upside down.

In all seriousness I thought I made this clear. the tape out is an OUTPUT. the HT bypass is in INPUT.
To use a tape loop as an alternative to HT bypass, how is the input and output hooked up? Tape out to the amp? Tape in from the HT pre/pro?
You can use any input you wish except Phono if preamp has a phono stage inside, HT bypass is more convenient as you dont have to know a reference level for volume, I use a pre with no HT bypass and just have to make sure volume is set at 12 oclock for level matching on HT surround.
This thread has the potential to be very helpful if it is possible to use the tape loop approach instead of HT bypass with the same benefits of the HT bypass (ie. no volume matching required). It seems to me that HT bypass essentially functions as a switchable main-in for an integrated amp. I don't see how this is possible with the tape loop approach....

As I understand it, an integrated amp with HT bypass allows the amp-only portion of the integrated amp to be used with a separate HT receiver. The HT receiver becomes the pre-amp for the amplifier inside the integrated amp.

Precisely how does one make connections between an HT receiver, a source (such as DVD player), and an integrated amp which does not have an HT bypass feature, but does have a tape loop - in a way that volume level matching on the integrated amp is not required during HT operation?

Rwwear: You stated that you want to use an input that is not controlled by the volume control. Which one is that for an integrated amp without HT bypass but with a tape loop?

Chadnliz: From your comments, it doesn't appear to be possible to avoid level matching. That's ok for me...I'm just trying to learn. However, when I connect from the HT receiver pre-outs to the integrated tape monitor in and place the integrated's volume at 12:00, I get a hum. Should I use a different input on the integrated, such as aux?

Thanks in advance.
Yes use Aux and see what happens, thats how I run mine, my volume just happens to work great at 12 oclock and its simple to know where to set it, your results may very.
When you go to set levels set volume so you can get 70-80db then match all other speakers to same level and thats it.............enjoy! Cheers
Aux works fine. Still fine tuning the level matching...using 12:00 for now and I'm happy for movies.
Music is another matter.